All I Want For Christmas Is……..

OH NO!!!! NO!! NO!!! NO!!!!!!!!! IT’S AUGUST!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!

That was more or less my response when I went out to a restaurant over the bank holiday weekend and found myself face-to-face with a Christmas tree by the front door.

I was also swamped by Christmas cards in the shops last week (despite it being 27 degrees outside at the time) yet here I am writing a blog which mentions Christmas. However before you drag me out into the street and shoot me (which frankly is what I wanted to do with the staff at the restaurant) from a recruitment point of view this is the time that we often ask our clients where they want to be at Christmas/New Year – and for good reason.

As an industry the law tends to work on a minimum notice period of three months, increasing with the level of seniority. Of course there is often some flexibility on this – after all, who wants to keep a member of staff who, at least mentally, is already halfway out the door? – but generally speaking firms will always look at any new hires not joining them until the next quarter, so are always looking that far ahead. This therefore means that if they want to be hitting 2017 with some momentum, with a settled and driven workforce, then they need to have those people in place by December 2016……which means they have to hiring them NOW.

There is also a traditional spike in the number of high calibre lawyers who are open to exploring opportunities, as individuals return from a couple of weeks in the sun, survey their surroundings and decide that they fancy a change. Consequently, with more openings in the market and more potential candidates to fill such vacancies, the late summer and early autumn period tends to see a surge in hiring activity which continues right through until the tail end of November.

So if you are indeed sat there considering what options might be open to you then you are not alone. Indeed, if you’re currently sat at your desk reading this then the clue is probably there that you need that you need a move! The good news is that that big door marked ‘opportunity’ is most definitely open.

So why mention Christmas? Well we tend to be programmed to look at certain milestones whenever we set targets; how often have you sat there and thought “I’ll give this another 6 months” or “I’ll keep going until pay review time then take stock of my situation”? Let me tell you that as a headhunter it seems like 95% of people work this way! Similarly Christmas tends to be a definite target point, coming as it does with New Year in close proximity, and so when people do decide to make a move often it is with the goal of being in the new role before Christmas.


If that applies to you then please feel free to get in touch with me for a strictly confidential and entirely non-committal conversation about your options.

After all, just think what a nice pay increase could do for you once that credit card bill lands in January…………

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