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Friday On My Mind….

TGI Friday!! You’ve been a long time coming, but I’m so glad you’re here! As I sit here on this Friday morning and look back at my week, it’s been a crazy one. For us recruiters, September is a very busy month for a variety of reasons. Some have come back from holiday, having had time to think about their

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Olympic Gold Medal for Sleep Deprivation!

I love the Olympics! My first recollection of them is Mexico 1968 – yes I know I’m showing my age, but they have always captivated me. When else do you get to sit and watch the fencing followed by a spot of white water kayaking and then judo? Once every four years, that’s when and I absolutely can’t take my

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Holiday Blues

It’s holiday season here at VG Charles Towers and I am due to break up in the next day or two for two weeks away. I love my holidays, spend ages planning them, research the best places to eat for my chosen destination, plan loads to do while I’m there and generally turn into a Tripadvisor nerd to make sure

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Should I stay or Should I go?

I was an ardent Clash fan in the early 80’s And saw them live more than half a dozen times – best live band I’ve ever seen. This classic hit was sadly one of their final compositions before the band split. As a young punk/rock chick, I never thought that the sentiments of this song would form the basis of

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How To Hand Your Notice In

Most people dread resigning. Whatever the reason for leaving, giving notice is not easy. But even if you hate your job so much you can’t bear to stay, it pays to think before you act. Never resign until you have written confirmation of a new post, no matter how eager you are. Once you have an offer in writing and

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