Moneyball is a book by author Michael Lewis In reference to the Oakland Athletics baseball team and its general manager Billy Beane. Its focus is the team’s analytical, evidence-based, sabermetric approach to building a successful baseball team, despite severe financial disparity. The book’s principle really had me thinking over the weekend- who is pound for pound, the most efficient UK

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Going To Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse……..

Isn’t it nice to feel wanted? Unless you are the world’s most self-confident person (or don’t care less what people think of you!) then most of us would agree that it’s always nice to have moments of reassurance. Moments of value. Moments of self-worth. Moments where someone, either in your private life or professional career, metaphorically or even literally, puts

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You can’t be everything to everyone..

Every now and again, when I get chance, I like to observe the lives of successful people from a range of different industries. I must add here, that this is something I do occasionally, so please do not expect a sequel to Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ anytime soon. Whilst reading last night about the life of the late

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Why A ‘PSL’ Makes Me Want To ‘PMSL’

There’s no two ways about it – Success in business is getting harder. It’s not impossible, and many of the long-standing practices still remain, but everybody needs to look at what they are doing, work smarter and develop an edge to help them beat the competition. To stay one step ahead. That’s one of the things we do at VG

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Shame on you Law Society!

Shame on you Law Society!! Up until about 8 months ago the Law Society provided us with an invaluable service of being able to check the career history of our candidates. This enabled us to verify the backgrounds of each and every one of our candidates and has, over the years, allowed us to flag up a number of candidates

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Should I stay or Should I go?

I was an ardent Clash fan in the early 80’s And saw them live more than half a dozen times – best live band I’ve ever seen. This classic hit was sadly one of their final compositions before the band split. As a young punk/rock chick, I never thought that the sentiments of this song would form the basis of

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Masters of your Success

This week I’m sure many Lawyers will now be dusting off their clubs. Trying to recreate the feats of Masters Legends at their local golf club, some perhaps even whilst trying to network. Also there will be thousands of Lawyers worldwide negotiating a new move. Whilst watching the Masters last night it really got me thinking about a strange correlation

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The Sack Race

We’ve just sacked a client, and couldn’t be happier about it. It’s slightly ironic that as recruiters we spend a considerable portion of our time talking to candidates about their frustrations where they are; why the position at Firm X isn’t working for them, how they feel badly treated, the difficulties they might have speaking to a particular partner, etc.,

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