Legal recruitment is a funny old thing with countless twists and turns and plots and sub plots.

There are sometimes clashes of egos, stand offs and completely unexpected outcomes.

As professional recruiters we simply want the best for our candidates and we want our clients to prosper. Sometimes easier said than done.

Having arranged nothing but interviews for qualified lawyers for 30 years, day in and day out, and being a lawyer myself, I think I can speak with a small amount of authority when I see that it invariably comes down to chemistry. You would be forgiven for thinking it’s money, but money is really no more than a hygiene factor which can or cannot be sorted – it’s rather simple, almost digital, with a YES/NO answer on either side.

Chemistry however is far from simple and despite how senior the people on both sides might be, sometimes, and silly as it sounds “it just doesn’t feel right”. I always encourage people to go with their gut feel because after all these years, with numerous fads such as graphologists (Magic Circle Firm, I kid you not!) psychometrics (lots of firms!) and even astrologers with one client having been and gone, you just cannot replace your chemistry.

Everyone knows if a role feels right or, if they like what a candidate has to say. I urge everyone to adopt the TICK/CROSS system – whereas a tick can easily become a cross – a cross can never become a tick (ignoring correction fluid!!) so if it feels wrong or you think there’s something you don’t like – you are absolutely right – IT IS WRONG SO POLITELY WITHDRAW.

Being the father of 3 wonderful girls I also give each of them exactly the same advice when it comes to boys – whether they choose to follow my advice isn’t always certain!!



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