Friday On My Mind….

TGI Friday!!

You’ve been a long time coming, but I’m so glad you’re here!

As I sit here on this Friday morning and look back at my week, it’s been a crazy one. For us recruiters, September is a very busy month for a variety of reasons.

Some have come back from holiday, having had time to think about their career and have made the decision that they want to move. This means we get lots of enquiries from potential candidates asking what the market is like and for our advice on the best move for them at present. So lots of meetings off-site for coffee and chats etc. Very much caffeine overdose!

Some have come back from holiday having had time to think about their careers and have resigned. This means that we get law firms calling us with vacancies to fill in a whole variety of legal disciplines, each one with its own specification for experience, personality fit and remuneration package. Some clients won’t pay enough to get what they want so we have to be honest and tell them this.

September is also salary review time for a lot of firms, so we get clients asking for our salary survey so that they can benchmark where they are in the grand scheme of things. We also get the disgruntled partner, solicitor or legal executive who has not got the uplift or salary review they were expecting. They want to talk about their worth in the market and what they could get if they were to move jobs.

So September, you’ve been your usual busy self and gone by in a blur! I’ve got no reason to think that October will be any different. Bring it on! But let’s get through this Friday first – a double bonus Friday as it’s also pay day. Then there’s the weekend to enjoy before the madness starts again on Monday……..

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