Holiday Blues

It’s holiday season here at VG Charles Towers

and I am due to break up in the next day or two for two weeks away.

I love my holidays, spend ages planning them, research the best places to eat for my chosen destination, plan loads to do while I’m there and generally turn into a Tripadvisor nerd to make sure I’ve covered all the ground. I so look forward to my holidays – but with the pleasure comes the pain…….

That couple of days before you break up from work where you have to brain dump everything you have got going on, offers that need negotiating, interviews that have taken place that need following up, interviews that will happen while I’m away. Trying to make sure that everything going on is crystal clear for my colleague Greg who will have to deal with it while I’m away. It’s always a nightmare! I’m sure it’s the same in your job too. Putting together that handover document before you get to escape.

Once it’s done, you can skip out of the office and think about your holiday packing etc. but there’s almost always that heart stopping moment when you are on the plane, the ferry, rickshaw or whatever mode of transport you are using where you realise that you’ve forgotten to put something important on your handover. Where you imagine Greg throwing your laptop out of the window because he can’t find your notes on that candidate’s salary or what terms you’ve agreed with a client.

But then you have a glass of Aperol Spritz and forget about it…..and isn’t that just what holidays are for!

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