It’s All About The Money… Never!

If a friend asked me how to go about getting a new job my advice would always be the same –

Find a great recruiter, strike up a conversation, establish a relationship of trust (assuming that he is good and that he is properly recommended) and take a view as to what he is telling you.

If he’s good he’ll be in it for the long term – not just a quick one-off fee.

Obviously you’d expect me to recommend using a recruiter but please let me justify what I say and do please note that I said “find a great recruiter” – not just any old recruiter!

A great recruiter will have personal level contacts of people who will always take his call and he will be able to ask all manner of sensitive questions and get matters “squared off” long before your identity is ever revealed. However the thing that absolutely proves that using a recruiter is always the safest option is that the client will be paying a fee, sometimes substantial, for the services of the recruiter visite site. What this therefore means, without a doubt, is that they would only be paying that fee if they were serious about the hire.

If it was any of my own 3 daughters who were seeking the job I absolutely wouldn’t hesitate in giving the same advice – as ever, I can’t guarantee they’d always take it but what I can guarantee is – if they didn’t they’d very probably regret it!



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