Olympic Gold Medal for Sleep Deprivation!

I love the Olympics!

My first recollection of them is Mexico 1968 – yes I know I’m showing my age, but they have always captivated me.

When else do you get to sit and watch the fencing followed by a spot of white water kayaking and then judo? Once every four years, that’s when and I absolutely can’t take my eyes off it. Unfortunately because of the time difference in Rio, this means that the TV coverage goes on well into the wee small hours and that’s where the problems begin…..

My alarm clock is set for 06 premarin 1.25.15, my train into Birmingham is at 07.30 and I’m still downstairs watching the swimming at 02.17! Having succumbed to this at least three times this week and it now being Thursday, it’s safe to say I can’t keep this pace up and I’m absolutely knackered! There’s only so much coffee you can drink during the day!

I’m sports mad anyway, but one of the things about the Olympics that I love is the sheer dedication, strength and drive of these athletes in whatever sport they are in. The gymnasts are incredible and defy gravity, the aerobic fitness of the Rugby 7s players is astounding and the endurance of the rowers is beyond belief. The bravery of those cyclists on that jaw dropping descent on the road race had my heart in my mouth. Although we do have some major household names competing, it’s nice to see some relatively unknown competitors get their chance to shine and catapult their sports into the limelight for a change.

And watching all this you’d think would give me a spring in my step and it does for a few hours every day until the caffeine wears off and the mind-numbing self-inflicted fatigue sets in. So clients, candidates and co-workers – cut me a bit of slack this week. If I’m dozier than usual or if you see me nodding off on the train, just remember, it’s only once every four years!

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