Poker Face

Here at VG Charles we organise thousands of interviews every year.

Candidates often ask us for advice on how they should behave when meeting a prospective employer for the first time. We cannot answer with any degree of certainty as there is no absolute rule and this is something which is very subjective.

However, here are a few of our observations:

We encounter many candidates who have a fear of appearing too desperate or unhappy. I agree to a certain extent, someone who comes across as overly eager in the interview process can reflect negatively and can create fresh concerns.

Contrastingly, in recent times we’ve noticed a new cohort of candidates at the opposite end of the spectrum. In fear of looking over enthusiastic about the prospective opportunity they over compensate and appear ambivalent to the interviewer. This often results in equally negative feedback and mutual disappointment between all parties involved.

My advice is as follows; if an interview has been setup, it is more than likely to be a high degree of mutual respect between all parties involved, therefore no need for a poker face.  Interviews should all be treated as business meetings and as a fantastic opportunity to gain more information about a potential suitor. Fundamentally, like with most things in life it’s all about getting the balance right.

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