Should I stay or Should I go?

I was an ardent Clash fan in the early 80’s

And saw them live more than half a dozen times – best live band I’ve ever seen.

This classic hit was sadly one of their final compositions before the band split. As a young punk/rock chick, I never thought that the sentiments of this song would form the basis of many a professional discussion I have had and will no doubt continue to have with my solicitor and partner candidates.
That old conundrum – better the devil you know (yes I know that’s a Kylie song and not my cup of tea at all!!) or take the plunge and move to pastures new?

This is the question you should be asking yourself before you immerse yourself into the job market. If you call me for an initial chat, I’ll definitely be asking you why you are looking and what your current firm could do to make you stay. And I’ll remember what you told me. If it’s just that they are not paying you enough and everything else is hunky-dory then I probably won’t be able to help you. I’ll advise you to ask for a pay rise and hopefully that will sort you out.

But it’s very rarely just about money. There’s always something else – it could be the commute, the quality of work, your co-workers, your boss, lack of promotion, lack of support or just plain boredom where you are. What I’ll be wanting to know is what your next role needs to look like to make you move.

Then comes the interview stage – your chance to showcase yourself and find out what other firms have to offer. I’ll be with you every step of the way, getting your feedback fresh out of your meeting. Talking about your reservations, what you like about the role and the firm and what you don’t like.

And finally the offer………this is what you’ve been waiting for. I’ll help you negotiate your terms with the firm, get the offer letter out in writing so all you have to do is resign.

And this is sometimes where the cold feet set in……… Back to that famous old Clash song. Naturally your firm will be devastated and will do everything they can to keep you. Promotion – of course! More money … oh go on then. That nice corner office … it’s yours. I’ve heard it all before article source.

It’s no coincidence that a recruitment survey showed that around 84% of those who accept a counter offer (recruitment consultant kryptonite!) find that they are looking to leave again within 6 months. Sometimes it’s the right thing to do, but more often than not, it’s not. Fundamentally things don’t change.

That’s why I’ll remind you of what you told me at the outset – all the things that you wanted to change about your current firm. All the things that your new role can offer you that your current one can’t. Changing jobs always has an element of risk but so does staying put. You put your head over the parapet as someone who wanted to leave – will they question your loyalty moving forward?

So back to The Clash, the best live band ever in my humble opinion. Should I stay or should I go? Ultimately the decision is yours, but beware a current employer bearing gifts………… in my experience it’s usually just rhetoric and the fundamentals don’t change.

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