Top Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Recruiter!

We speak to numerous candidates and clients on a daily basis.

Sometimes the people we speak to at first (well at least in my experience), are a little underwhelmed to receive our phone call.

However, we’ve been blessed to receive excellent feedback from both our clients and candidates in recent months- even those who were at first not so keen.

This got me wondering as to why people were not always too happy to receive our phone call Let’s face it, I think most people do not actually know what we really do and the service we provide. Thinking about it, I’m not sure if even my own mother actually knows how I earn my corn.

To enhance your experience, I’ve put together a few principles on how to get your money’s worth out of your recruiter (even though our service is free of charge… Well to candidates).



We know that if you are considering one of our roles then there is a chance you are speaking with another recruiter. Although we would like to represent you exclusively we accept that this cannot always be the case. If we are kept 100% in the loop we will be more informed and will be able to provide a more efficient service. We will also be more effective in managing your potential employers’ expectations and potentially convert this into a higher offer.



Information is key to getting the most out of your experience. Ask us anything (within reason). We are always happy to answer your questions and if we don’t know the answers we can always find out… It’s our job. The more information you have about the role, the more equipped you will be to make an informed decision.
Try and be as forthcoming as possible with information concerning your personal circumstances. We appreciate that some of our questions may appear personal, however this will help us represent you more accurately and will help us land you your dream job. We hear people peoples’ salaries and expectations day in and day out- it’s really not that big a secret. Always remember anything that we discuss will be handled in absolute confidence.


We are not agents – we are consultants. We offer more than a pure matchmaking service. Take advantage of all we have to offer. We speak to a huge cross section of the legal market and are generally fairly up to speed with the latest salary levels and firm strategies. We are well placed to offer advice on your next career step- even if that means sometimes staying put.


Watching Brief ®

Use our Watching Brief service – that’s why we created it. Let’s face it, no one is truly cemented in a role. I’m extremely happy in my role at VG Charles but that’s not to say that there isn’t certain opportunities in the market place that would be of interest to me.
Watching Brief ®, is our specialist service for professionals who are not interested in just ‘making a move’, but who recognise that there are one or two particular roles out there which, if they came on to the market, they would like to know about.

It is a no pressure, hands-off way of making sure that you don’t miss out on your dream role without you having to trail job boards or your competitors’ websites on a weekly basis.


Although brief and not all encompassing, I hope you have found the above insightful. For more advice or just an informal chat about the legal sector, why not get in touch?

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