You can’t be everything to everyone..

Every now and again, when I get chance, I like to observe the lives of successful people from a range of different industries.

I must add here, that this is something I do occasionally, so please do not expect a sequel to Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ anytime soon.

Whilst reading last night about the life of the late Steve Jobs, a phrase which I’m fairly confident he wasn’t the first to coin, really hit home to me nevertheless- “You can’t be everything to everyone.”

The above phrase is an example of where so many recruiters in my opinion go wrong. It also embodies the irrationalities of recruitment from a client’s perspective- which I’m sure many are oblivious to.

I was recently invited along with a colleague and a rabble of other rival recruiters to an early morning recruitment briefing. I rarely attend these sorts of events but I’m fairly confident that a large proportion of the room would be in attendance if a rival firm were to arrange a similar style event the following week.

Call me old fashioned but I feel very uneasy about recruiting for everyone in the market. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh to some of the recruiters at the event. Perhaps they are not poaching from and recruiting for the same clients in a hypothetical recruitment merry-go-round. Conceivably they may have just turned up for the free bacon sandwich but I’m not so sure and maybe I’m more cynical than most.

On a personal note I like to keep things simple. Our success is built upon having an excellent relationship with a select number of firms rather than attempting to work with everyone in the region which is quite frankly impossible and presents so many conflicts of interest. Moreover, working with too many firms extremely restricts the amount of firms from which we able to source our high calibre candidates.

Now the above is all very subjective and from a profitability perspective I’m not 100 percent sure. However, when it comes to providing a top class recruitment offering, I’m a firm believer that you really cannot be everything to everyone.



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